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Language: Bahasa Indonesia & English

Server Time: GMT+7

Episode 10.4 The Haven of Forgotten, Hugel



Server Rate

Max Level: 99/70

Max Stats: 99

Max ASPD: 190

No Cast: Dex 150

Base Exp: 10x

Job Exp: 10x

Drop Rate: 3x

MVP Drop Rate: 1x

MVP Card Rate: 1x





- Episode 10.4 The Haven of Forgotten, Hugel

- Transcendent Second Class 2-1 (Lord Knight, High Priest, Assassin Cross, High Wizard, Master Smith, Sniper)

- Transcendent Second Class 2-2 (Paladin, Champion, Stalker, Professor, Biochemist, Minstrel, Gypsy)

- Classic mob spawn

- MVP Card ON

- 24 hours MVP Room: 1 random MVP will be spawned every 45 minutes. PK (Player Kill)-ing is available in this MVP Room. The MVP Room will be reset every day at 06.00 am. 

- MVP Monsters both in normal field and MVP Room will have chance to drop a Universal Coin when they get killed.

- Universal Coin can be traded into an MVP Card with various price, depending on the value of the card.

- MVP Card Rebalance: GTB Card only reduce 50% of magic damage. Tao Gunka increase 75% HP. Eddga HP+12%, DarkLord HP 25% SP 20%

- Plant Cultivation Skill : Off

- Main Town Prontera

- Auto Trade: ON

- Dual Login: ON

- Premium User Features: 50% More Exp and Drop Rates, Full HP SP when respawn, Able to use NPC for all status +5 buff, Able to teleport to Dungeon Level 1, Repair NPC, and able to buy HP SP Pill, unlimited fly wing (2 hrs).





- Yes you can reborn again after you reach the maximum cap level in Trans Job After you Reborn and reach the maximum level, you will get a bonus:

- Bonus 20 status point

- Bonus 3 skill point

- Costume 3rd Job





Please report all bugs that you find on the server. All players who abuse bugs for their own profit without reporting it to our staff will be banned permanently.




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